HRN Affiliates


Thank you for your interest in carrying the Horse Radio Network Stable of Shows on your website or blog, HRN is the Voice of the Horse World.  We are thrilled to announce a new easy way for you to carry any or all of the Horse Radio Network shows on your website.  It is as simple and easy as embedding a YouTube video.

Any type of website is welcome including blogs, retail, wholesale, news or any type of site.  With eight diverse shows on the network, you will find one that fits your brand and we do have a master feed available carrying all the shows.


Here is a sample of how the player will work on your website.  By using the technology we did your visitors will be able to listen to the shows without ever leaving your website.

Shows Available:

Click on the logo below for the shows that you want to add to your website and you will be taken to the code pages:

Master Feed of All Shows:

Individual Shows: